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For the most part, I'm a lot more interested in creating RP scenarios where both players have input on the world state than forcing anyone to adapt to mine. Although Evelyn's beliefs and background make her more likely to side with the templars rather than the mages, it's easy to make a case for it going the other way. I can make arguments for either side of most of the main game events, so if you're dying to dig your teeth into a particular scene or outcome, let me know!

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I'm flexible about what kind of CR we have. I'm equally happy to play gen or shippy threads with a few exceptions I'll cover under the character headers below. I've tried to give enough info in the world view section to give a companion or adviser player an idea of what kind of person this particular Inquisitor is and how they might choose to relate to her. I can also play her as a companion for another Inquisitor or vice versa. If you want more information as it relates to your particular character, just look for them behind the cut.

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Dec. 3rd, 2015 04:22 am
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If you have feedback for how I play Evelyn, I'd love to hear it, positive or negative. All I ask is that you keep it constructive and specific if it's crit. I can't improve from vague criticism or insults.

My HMD is anon enabled, screened, and does not track IP addresses.
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For the most part, I'm looking to play either with other Dragon Age characters from any of the games, books, graphic novels, and movie, or with characters from similar high or political fantasy settings. I'm not a fan of modern AU play, strict SOL, mixing sci-fi and fantasy, or PWP. If you're OK with AUing your character into a fantasy setting or having some way for them to interact in Thedas or a world like Thedas, I'm more likely to agree than having her put into a modern or futuristic setting.

I am very aware of this fandom's distaste for malleable protags and the reasons for them. If you don't want to play with an Inquisitor, don't be afraid to tell me not to tag you or that you're not interested. I won't take it personally. If you have a list of your characters, all the better. I'll make every effort not to tag you under a different character of yours. If you don't tell me and I do tag you under someone else, I can assure you it's out of ignorance of who you play and not intentional. I don't want to try to ship with anyone who doesn't want a ship or tag anyone who hates Inquisitors.

I like: filling in the blanks of game scenes, war table missions played as RP, action and adventure, political play, lore in play, quests, mysterious artifacts, fix-its for things that didn't make sense or weren't done very well, silliness and cuteness as long as it's not crack, smut that furthers the story or hits emotional notes as long as I'm comfortable with the player, conflict and arguments, digging into back story, pretty much anything that isn't just shmoopy and bland. I'm good with pre or post Inquisition or Trespasser. What ifs are fun. I'll do whatever we need to do to play with characters from different games or time periods than the ones covered in Inquisition. I also don't mind the idea of AUs within Thedas, like Evelyn as a companion or Evelyn as a Warden instead of the Inquisitor. I don't mean Evelyn as the Warden, just a Warden.

I don't powergame, and I don't like playing with powergamers. I prefer to try to make video game fight dynamics work more like real world equivalents rather than being crazy out there. The obvious exception would be magic since there is no real world equivalent here. I don't like lore breaking concepts for the DA world and am likely not to want to play with your DA character if you have them included in your character concept. I also don't like playing with characters who come across as special snowflakes, for lack of a better way to put it. They're mages, but they're also lethal archer assassins who are blood mage spirit healers! They're not a Warden, but they're immune to the Taint! Things like that are a no go for me, sorry.

Evelyn doesn't need to be the best fighter on the field or in a spar every time. She's not the most amazing leader. One upping dynamics are really tedious and boring, so let's not do that.

You're always welcome to PM me if you have any questions or ideas for a thread. I've got an anon enabled, non IP tracking HMD if you feel the need to offer constructive crit. I've never played a malleable protag, so if I'm doing something annoying, I want to know so I can improve.


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